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Corporate culture is the common value system of the organization members, which makes the organization unique and different from other organizations.
(1)Company philosophy is the core of company culture, which reflects company’s development direction and future vision.
(2)Company core value is the detailed working principle of a company, the criterion the company requires employees to treat customers and works, and the value guidance to employees. Dedication should be the prerequisite in recruiting so that employees will support and share information with others to create greatest benefits for company.
(3)Company image include the company’s outward image, employees’ attire and wording, and a series of other image standards.

Company culture construction must be integrated with company management. Enhancing company culture construction doesn’t mean abandoning systematic management. The company will be unable to conduct effective production and operation without sophisticated rules and regulations. However, no matter how sophisticated the rules are, they even cannot cover all activities, let alone fundamentally standardize every employee’s behavior consciousness. On the other hand, company culture is a kind of intangible constraining force, which can enhance company cohesion, strengthen employees’ self-control, stimulate working passion and improve production efficiency. All of this will ultimately improve the adaptability of company to the environment, improve interpersonal relationship, create company image and expand company influence.

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